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Mentors are great. But a sponsor could really help your career

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Black Women Aren’t Paid Fairly – And It Starts as Early as Age 16

Black Women’s Equal Pay Day 2021: How To Negotiate Your Salary Like a Boss

38 Ways to Make Real Progress on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Women with bold ideas and the desire to spread them on the world’s biggest platforms

Closing the Wage Gap Black Women Face in the Workplace

9 Habits that People Successful at their First Jobs Practice

11 Successful Women on How They Compartmentalize

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The Best Mentors ask These 8 Questions

Meet one of Boston’s Most Inspiring Stories Christie Lindor of MECE Muse

The 6 Jobs Everyone Will Want in 2040

Finding a mentor is key to success

Author Christie Lindor seeks to be the mentor she never had

In their Own Words: Authors share Lessons Learned

‘There will be a benefit to everyone’: Why some businesses welcome Biden’s vaccine mandate

How to create equity among in-person and at-home workers

“What does DEI Consultants do?” with Christie Lindor

3 reasons why diversity programs fail and what you can do about it

The Step by Step Guide to Finding Your Best Mentor

Why ‘Identity Hiring’ Doesn’t Create Diversity

How to work with Sponsors 

Key Tips to Propel Your Career – Thunderbird School of Arizona State University

Girlboss: The Lost Art of Communications: When to Emoji, Email, and Yes, Even Chat n Person

Wall Street Italy:  I sei lavori del futuro What to do when your work mentor disappoints you, according to experts

Fin24: Four characteristics agile leaders have in common

WGBH: New Backroom Muscle: Women Manage Winning Campaigns Throughout Mass. And N.H.  15 People Share What *Really* Happened When They Left Their Job To Chase Their Dreams

Chief Learning Officer Magazine Mentoring Matters, Especially for Women and Minorities

The Chicago Citizen Management Consultant Spills briefly Her Secrets in a new Book

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What Kind of Leader Are You?  9 Leadership Types and Their Strengths

Best of Faces of HR 2022

International Women’s Day Infographic

How One HR Pro is Making an Impact with a Multi-Touch Mission

DEI in a Hybrid Environment: What Managers Need to Know

HR Works Presents HR Work Break: Building a Platform for Change

Christie Lindor Of Tessi Consulting: “Here Is How Diversity Can Increase a Company’s Bottom Line”

9 Ways to Measure the Success of Your DEI Strategy in 2023

9 Ways to Measure the Success of Your DEI Strategy in 2022

How to Make People Feel Seen

Autodesk to pay ERG leads, thanks to Black Lives Matter

LinkedIn will reward ERG leaders with a $10K bonus starting July 2021

How To Be a Superhero in the Telemetry Department

Interrupting Biases Beneath the Surface

Let Empathetic Leadership Be Your Superpower

The HR Metrics You Should Be Watching

The Rise of the Super ERG and Allyship Groups

3 Ways to Keep Your Workplace Inclusive in the AI Age


Big Tech diversity efforts stall as industry endures mass layoffs

Why Belonging Matters


Stylists Brace For New Order — With An Assist From A Boston City Councilor

7 steps for writing and posting job descriptions that will attract talent from underrepresented backgrounds

DEI Has Long Overlooked Cognitive Diversity. Unfortunately, Developmentally Disabled Black Women Suffer The Most

Deloitte’s Chief Purpose Officer Says Women’s Issues Will Play A Defining Role In The Future of Corporate Purpose

Show Me the Culture: Values Matter Most for Unicorn Employees



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