DEI Executive Coaching is designed for results-oriented leaders, talent leaders, and entrepreneurs seeking an experienced advisor as a sounding board to brainstorm to support them in becoming a more inclusive leader or advisory support to implement and meet DEI goals within their organization.

We have over 60 year’s combined experience being on the inside of organizations like yours ourselves.  We have partnered with 100s of business leaders seeking the right answers when it comes to DEI.   We also know that business leaders want to

Through decades of research, practice, and a deep expertise in developing leaders and DEI programming, we have established an integrated system for your existing and emerging leaders that creates inclusive leadership while helping dismantle biases and microaggressive behaviors that help your culture.

Our DEI executive coaching services provide higher productivity and performance, a more engaged, inclusive workforce, and increased financial returns by maximizing your workforce’s diversity makeup.

According to a recent global survey, the average ROI on executive coaching is typically seven times the initial investment.

What to expect from Tessi Executive Coaching Team:

  • Executive Coaches are industry certified key coaching methodology and processes

  • Implement a “Judgment Free Zone” policy to help you answer and address sticky diversity issues

  • Customized DEI program for each leader or leadership team with expectations and objectives clearly established

  • Highly confidential, discreet, and trusted relationship

  • Alignment with anticipated outcomes of your DEI strategy

  • Valuable use of DEI resources to increase self-awareness and understanding of leadership style

  • Meaningful, confidential, and constructive 360-degree feedback from key stakeholders

  • Development/Action Plan to address key areas identified during the self-assessment

  • Ongoing coaching to help you create mental muscles into sustainable habits that support behavioral change and leadership skill development