Back at it, go-getters

I’m back Go-getters…..

I hope you all are ready for the fall season and gearing up for the upcoming holiday season.

BUT – did you know that I became a political campaign manager this summer.  Wait…what???

Yes, you read that correctly.  This past summer I ended up putting my life on hold to volunteer for my good friend and sorority sister Liz Miranda run for public office in 5th Suffolk District in the City of Boston, Massachusetts.

And we won!!  In a 4-way race with our main opponent having all of the unions backing him, Liz won 60% of the vote in one the highest primary voter turnouts in the history that district.

Liz was a first time candidate, it was my first time running a political campaign, and most of our team were first time as well.  Needless to say, it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life – yes, harder than consulting (20 hour days/7 days a week were the norm on the campaign).   Such a life changing experience. Absolutely insane roller coaster ride that I’m so happy turned out well for us.  I’m so excited for Liz and next steps in her journey to take her community to the next level in the Massachusetts State House.

So….what’s next??  Lots of transitions in the works

Many people have asked me what’s next since I left EY and took the summer off to run Liz campaign.   I’m back to consulting!!

I started a new job as a Solution Principal for Slalom Consulting, a cool midsize consulting firm.  It’s been fantastic, I’m truly digging my colleagues and the work we are doing in the marketplace. So glad to be back on the consulting grid after a whirlwind dip into the world of politics this summer.

This summer I also shut down my podcast, The MECE Muse Unplugged, with plans to launch a new show sometime in 2019.

I’ve got a number of speaking engagements, new book releases, and other updates coming your way.    I’m a bit behind in launching the Purpose Driven Consultant School, which is also in the works – stay tuned as I get back on track.



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